Lepakshi - An Architectural Marvel of Vijayanagar Empire

Lepakshi is famous for its Veerabhadra temple. It is an example of the Vijayanagar architectural style and  was built by the brothers Viranna and Virupanna. The must visit places in the Lepakshi Temple a rock chain, Vastu Purush, the Padmini race lady, Durga Paadam, the eyes of Viroopaakshanna and Lepakshi saree designs. The paintings on the roof are made with natural pigments. Also, the Veerbhadra Temple is known for its Hanging Pillar. 

The Bull Statue is one of the biggest monolithic Nandi in India, located 1 km before the main temple and faces the shivalinga shielded by a huge serpent. Lepakshi Nandi is the main attractions in Lepakshi, the huge Nandi bull made of a single granite stone with 4.5m high and 8.23m long.

Lepakshi Temple is situated in Ananthpur District of Andhra Pradesh and 120 kms from Bangalore. To reach Lepakshi from Bangalore, You have to take Devanahalli road and continue until you reach Bagepalli, from there on continue, until clearly marked signs lead you to an exit on to country side roads. Drive another 15 KM’s until you reach Lepakshi.

If you planning for a one day trip from Bangalore, you can cover Ghati Subrahmanya, Vidurashwatha Also. Take Yelahanaka- Ghati Subrahmanya Route. Further continue to Gauribidanur and Vidurashwatha. After Vidurashwatha, travel towards, Hindupur, Finally your destination has reached! Lepakshi.

To return from Lepakshi , you can take Bagepalli rout because it is shortest route
Please check the route map of we travelled in our weekend trip.

This place is quite an architectural marvel of Vijayanagar empire.

Photo of Lepakashi, Ghati Subrahmanya and Vidurashwatha

Must Visit Best Beaches and Tourist Places in Goa

Goa is world renowned for its beaches and attracts innumerable domestic and foreign tourists every year. The perfect holiday in Goa for many tourists is to laze under the sun on the picturesque and romantic beaches of Goa. When you picture Goa the first thing that comes to your mind is pristine scenic beauty of the s tate that nature God has blessed on it. But yes, there's much more to Goa than it's beaches. The tiny emarald land can boast of its unique history and culture. The culture here shows the confluence of the east and the west. The state is home to both beautiful temples and magnificent churches. The state's history dates back to 3rd century BC.

Various dynasties such as Kadambas, Silaharas, Rashtrakutas, Chalukyas, Bahamani Muslims etc have ruled Goa. But the strongest influence was that of the Portuguese. The state of Goa was a Portuguese colony for 450 years till 1962. The Indo-Portuguese culture and architecture here speak for the Portuguese influence on the state. Tourists can get a glimpse of the glorious history preserved in churches, forts, villages and cities.

Bangalore to Goa  Trip by Abhijit Roy on Team-BHP

This was the trip which was long due but just couldn’t materialize due to many constraints. Swarup (friend & neighbour, my ex-ITC colleague) also joined in this venture. Nikhil and Eslyn was also due to join us but was forced to back out due to illness and leave issues respectively. First Swarup booked the ITC Holiday Home in Dona Paula (luckily we got vacancy) and it was upto me to decide and plan the rest. I started my research on the route and based on discussions with Mr. Kumar and others in indiahighways group, felt that the Shimoga & Sirsi routes are the best so far out of the four available routes (other two Hubli-Ankola & NH4A were rejected). I didn’t want to take the Shimoga route as I have already done it before and hence zeroed it on the Haveri – Mirjan route. A day before bought all the snacks, a tankful at OMR, tyre pressure check etc.
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