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Sri KarinjeshwaraTemple - A Weekend Destination from Mangalore

The Sri Karinjeshwara temple is one of the most honoured tourist place near Mangalore  This temple is situated in the Bantwal taluk and is atop a hill in the Karinja village.
Sri Karinjeshwara Temple – Overview 

The Surya Sadashiva Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and his consort Goddess Parvati. A devotee will have to climb as many as 555 steps in order to reach the Sri Karinjeshwara temple. On the way to the Shiva temple is the temple of Parvati. At the same level of the Parvati temple, is another temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha.

Some of my Friends visited the temple and wrote there experiences here.

The first twenty kilometers of the drive was along the Mangalore -Bangalore highway. But once we left the highway and took the road towards Dharmasthala, the scene soon turned green. We drove past villages and settlements scattered between patches of woods. About eight kilometers down this road, we had to turn right to take a narrow winding road towards Kavalamudur village. This stretch passes through a densely wooded forest and is a visual treat. A clean level ground at the base of a rocky hill suddenly jumps into view as you turn a bend in the road. A couple of shops selling coconuts and bananas for offering at the temples stand on the bank of a fairly large rectangular tank of water. Having parked the car in front of one of the shops, we made our way up the flight of steps cut into the side of the hill. The steps were small and paved with rough hewn granite and were interrupted every now and then by wide landings which made the climb relatively easy. Though it was a Sunday during a month when most schools in the region were having vacations, there were not many visitors. A winding climb of a few hundred steps brought us to the first of the two shrines. Situated halfway up the hill, this Parvathi temple is surrounded by a clean courtyard, at one end of which is a new, almost completed anna chathra - a dining hall. Another steeper flight of steps leads up to the peak of he hill on which is situated the Karinjeshwara temple. The peak of the hill provides a breathtaking panoramic view of the forested foothills of the western ghats. A troop of friendly monkeys have made their home here. Each morning, after the daily pooja, the naivedyam is ritually offered to the monkeys.

The top of the hill on which these temples are situated is accessible only by foot. Each stone and each beam of wood that was used in building the temple must have been carried manually up the hill. The amount of physical labour that was involved in the task must have been astounding.

35 kms from Mangalore

How to get there:
Frequent buses available from Mangalore.
If you are driving from Mangalore, take the Mangalore-Bangalore Highway. Immediately after the BC Road (Bantwal Cross Road) bus stop, turn left into the Dharmasthala / Moodigere road. About 8 kms down the road, turn right at the Karinje junction and drive another two kms.

Driving conditions:

Most of the roads are in good condition. The stretch after BC Road, has a few tight and steep curves. Look out for private buses driven by maverick drivers.

What we liked about the place:
The beautiful view from the top of the hill
The antics of the resident monkeys
Not crowded (unless you are visiting during Shivarathri when there is a Jathre at the place), relatively clean.


  • Reach early unless you enjoy climbing a steep hill under a blazing sun.
  • Dont forget your caps and sunglasses.
  • Take a few bottles of water frozen solid in the freezer overnight. By the time you reach the hill, they would have thawed into refreshingly cool water.
  • And finally, dont forget to take a camera.