Must visit temples near Dharmasthala

Lakhs together pilgrims visiting Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala every year. The are many ancient temples are hidden in the villages near Dharmasthala. But the visitors of the Dharmasthala are not have enough details of these temples. here we listed some of the temples near dharmasthala. 

1) Sri Sadashiva Rudra Temple: 
This temple located in Suriya Village,near Dharmastala is one among them. Manly dedicated to Lord Shiva, the temple has got a unique tradition of offering clay sculptures to God. Generally people offer money or gold to God when their wishes are fulfilled as a symbol of gratitude, but in this temple people make clay offerings to the God.The Suriya temple is probably only one of its kind because of its unique tradition of clay offerings. 

Devotees pray god for their wishes/desires.Once it is fulfilled the devotees along with their clay offerings have to go to the temple preferably on Mondays along with a coconut and a kg of rice.The offerings are available in temple premises which are clay sculptures of your requests.For example chair and table symbolizes job, marriage means small sculptures of bride and groom, human body parts like ear,eyes,heart etc. You can also see children, cradles, limbs, houses, automobiles, coconuts, cattle,eggs, computer,watch,aeroplane etc.., this list is probably endless.

Here is a small tank near by the temple.All the clay offerings are made in a separate place called Mannina Harake Bana ( Clay Offerings Place) which is close to temple.You can see a huge collection of clay sculptures there. ts believed that temple is around 700 years old.But no one in the temple knows the importance behind this clay offerings.
Clay is within the tradition of India.We make ganesha idol,durga mata idol(usually in West Bengal) and many more using clay.So clay must be pure and good compared to anything and I believe god likes to get clay offerings.
How to Reach :
Suriya is around 12km from Dharmastala,which has good connectivity from all parts of Karnataka.You can hire a jeep or auto from Dharmastala to get in to the place.
Temple timings : 7 30AM to 2PM and 4PM to 6.30PM.
Address of the temple :
Administrator. Sri Sadashiva Rudra Temple
Surya, Nada Grama, Permanu. Beltanagday Tq, DK-574214. 
2) Shishileshwara Temple, Shishila

The Shishileshwara temple is situated on the banks of Kapila River in Shishila village of Belthangady Taluk, Dakshina Kannada district.

The history of Shishileshwara temple dates back to 700 years. This place is also referred as Matsya Theertha. The Mahashir (in Tulu 'Peruvelu') fish is found in huge numbers in the Kapila river.

The fish in the Kapila River at Shishila are believed to be sacred and Naivedyam is offered to them after offering daily pujas. It is also believed that one can get rid of all types of skin disease after worshipping at Shishileshwara temple and feeding the fish in Kapila River.

The other attractions of this place are two rocks, 'Huli Kallu' (rock named after tiger), and 'Dana Kallu' (rock named after cow). It is believed that, a tiger and a cow reached the river and tiger chased the cow. To avoid violence, Shishileshwara converted tiger and cow into rocks. These rocks are also worshipped during the annual festival.

The annual festival at Shishila is held at the end of May and celebrated for 9 days with unique feature in each day.

Note: Fishing is restricted in Kapila River in and around 2 kilometers from Shishileshwara temple.

Distance from Shishila
Mangalore: 110 km
Dharmasthala: 30 km
Belthangadi: 45 km
Kokkada: 15 km

How to Reach
From Beltangady one has to travel via Uppinangady (which is located at National Highway 48) and Kokkada. One has to cross the river to reach Shishila.

Few Buses also ply to Shishila from Uppinangadi and Dharmasthala.

3) Sowthadka Mahaganapathi Temple

This temple is just 20km away  Dharmasthala,. It is unique in the sense that it has no temple structure. 

Pooja Timings : 7:15 am, 12:15 pm, 7:15 pm

Distances to Sowthadka from major places:
Dharmasthala: 20 km. Kukke Subrahmanya: 45 km
Mangalore: 82 km

How to reach Sowthadka by Road: One can reach Southadka, on the National Highway 48(Mangalore-Bangalore) from Uppinangady towards Bangalore, first left turn after Nellyadi, on Dharmasthala Road.

For more info on the temple, you can visit the temple website
Sowthadka Temple

Temple Address:
Southadka Sri Maha Ganapathi Kshetra, Kokkada Post,
Belthangadi Taluk, Dakshina Kannada district Pin code: 574 198
Ph: 08251 - 254 351, 254 161

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