Spectacular Must See Waterfalls in Chikmagalur

Nestled in the Baba Budan hills, Chikmagalur is a calm, serene town full of scenic surprises hills, valleys, streams and snow-white coffee blossoms. and it is one of the best tourist place near Bangalore. Chikmagalur is a best trekker's delight, with its rugged mountain trails.

We are here exposing some the water falls in Chikmagalur District, Karnataka.....

Top 5 Switzerland Tourist Attractions to See

Switzerland is known as The Land of the Alps, and rightfully so. Bordered by France, Germany, Italy and Austria, Switzerland offers the most breathtaking views of the panoramic Alps. Though small, it is also one of the richest countries in the world, which is why there is no wonder many tourists dream of a Swiss vacation. There are plenty of Switzerland tourist attractions, too, although there are five you should definitely stop to see.
The Chillon Castle
Located on the shore of Lake Geneva, the Chillon Castle is one of the most famous castles in Switzerland. Consisting of 100 buildings, it dates back to the 11th century and is the former residence of the Savoy nobility. It also has three courtyards and four great halls which offer magnificent views of the lake beyond.

Swiss National Park 

Although you cannot pitch a tent and spend the night at Swiss National Park, you can certainly appreciate the different views of the Alps as you go hiking, which is why it is one of the Switzerland tourist attractions worth seeing. It is also Switzerland's only national park, covering almost half the area of the entire country. It is a sanctuary for various wildlife such as elks, marmots and eagles, as well.

Geneva Jet D'eau
This fountain in the heart of one of Switzerland's major cities is one of the tallest fountains in the world, projecting water up to 140 meters high. Built in 1891, it is also considered one of the symbols of the city of Geneva.

While in Geneva, you might want to see other tourist spots, too, particularly the museums. The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum is one of the most popular museums in Switzerland, and is definitely worth a visit, along with the Cathedral de St. Pierre and other historical buildings.


Although there are many beautiful ski resorts in Switzerland, Zermatt stands out as one of the top Switzerland tourist attractions because it is located at the foot of the Matterhorn, the most famous peak of the Swiss Alps. Even if you're not into skiing, you can still enjoy the view while dining at a gourmet restaurant or shopping around the town.

Swiss Transport Museum
Located in Lucerne, the Swiss Transport Museum is home to an exhibit of locomotives, ships, aircraft, automobile and other modes of transport and communication. It also houses an extensive collection of the works of Hans Erni, a Swiss painter and sculptor. You're sure to enjoy the Planetarium and the IMAX theatre, too.

Indeed, Switzerland has many sights waiting to be discovered. Aside from visiting Switzerland tourist attractions, don't forget to immerse yourself in the country's rich culture, too by participating in festivals or simply mingling with the Swiss. You're sure to have a wonderful time and many golden memories to take home with you.

Top Tourist Attractions in Switzerland

Fabulous, Beautiful Waterfalls in Maharashtra

Maharashtra is the third largest state in India and it has wide varieties of tourist destinations. Bestowed with the beauty of Sahyadri, the serene shores of the Konkan coast, fertile lands of the Deccan plateau, strings of major rivers and breathtaking, faboelous water falls. Maharashtra is a complete package as a tourist destination in India. Here we are explored some of the beautiful waterfalls in Maharashtra.

Kune Falls
Lonavala-Khandala, the twin hill stations in Maharashtra are the most visited hill stations near Mumbai and Pune. In the very middle of Lonavla-Khandala valley, a milky gush of water can be sighted which has a total height of 659 ft.  This waterfall called Kune falls is a three tiered cascade which can be seen when we travel from Mumbai to Pune while coming out of the last tunnel. This is on the old Mumbai-Pune highway and not on the Mumbai-Pune express way. It is a beautiful sight as one sees this waterfall after coming out of the last tunnel to enter lonavala while travelling from mumbai to pune. 
How to Reach 
For reaching the spectacular Kune Falls, take the Mumbai-Pune expressway and leave it at the Lonavala bypass to take the old Mumbai-Pune highway. A short 10 minutes drive takes you to the Kune Falls. An important landmark for reaching the falls is the Kune missionary/church which is just a few steps from the location of the falls.

Dudhsagar Water Falls
Forget the beaches and the normal Goa stuff .... this is the place to visit when in goa or neighbouring areas of karnataka! set bang on the Karnataka -Goa border ... The Dudhsagar waterfalls is a heaven for adventure seekers. Rainy season makes it a milky white fall when water plunges deep down from a 1020 ft height and a width of 100 ft making its name literally true, ‘Sea of Milk’. This spellbound waterfall is on the beautiful Mandovi River in the state of Goa. This waterfall can be viewed when we travel on train through Londa-Madgoan railway route in Delhi-Goa express, Pune-Ernakulam Express or Miraj Castle Rock passenger. The waterfall located in the middle of tropical forest is situated 60 Km from Margoa and 10 kilometers from Kulem Railway Station. Although this waterfall is in Goa, this is a popular picnic spot for most of the Maharashtrians. Climbing to the top of the falls is really an adventurous task and a breathtaking view of the falls from the top is only for adventurous people. India’s largest wildlife sanctuary, Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary is a popular place to visit near this falls.
How to Reach :
The Dudhsagar waterfalls are located in the Sanguem district of Goa near the Goa-Karnataka border. It is located at a distance of around 60 kilometers from Margao and can be reached easily by hiring a taxi or taking a bus from either Margao or Panaji.

Top Tourist Attractions in New York City

New York City has become one of the best family tourist destination around the world and  there are plenty of travel destinations and fun family attractions in New York, including famous NY museums that are entertaining and interactive for the entire family. 
Empire State Building
Ever since it was built, the Empire State Building has captured the attention of young and old alike: every year, millions of tourists flock to the Empire State Building to get a glimpse from its 86th and 102nd floor observatories. When the Empire State Building opened on May 1, 1931, it was the tallest building in the world - standing at 1,250 feet tall. This building not only became an icon of New York City, 

Statue of Liberty
The people of France gave the Statue to the people of the United States over one hundred years ago in recognition of the friendship established during the American Revolution. Over the years, the Statue of Liberty's symbolism has grown to include freedom and democracy as well as this international friendship. 

Grand Central Terminal
Completely restored back to it's 1913 splendor, Grand Central has become a midtown destination for five exquisite restaurants and cocktail lounges, 20 casual international eateries in the lower level Dining Concourse, gourmet foods from the Grand Central Market and the 50 unique specialty shops throughout the concourses, all in to addition to transportation. 

Nandi Hills – The Coolest Hill Station near Bangalore

Nandi Hills is a small hillocks near Bangalore. It is located 65 km from Bangalore, and 1,478 meters above the sea level. It was the summer resort of Tipu Sultan. This hill station is a famous tourist spot because it is blessed with pleasant climate throughout the year and one of the best tourist place near Bangalore.

There are many stories about the origin of the name Nandi Hills. During the Chola period, Nandi Hills was called Ananda Giri meaning The Hill of Happiness. and also known as Nandidurga, Before being conquered by the British forces under Lord Cornwallis, Nandi Hills was a Mysore Fort. It was captured by the British in the year 1791.

The hill has been named after the beautiful statue of Nandi, the bull. This bull guards the outside of the Yoganandeeshwara temple.

Yoganandeeshwara Temple is the dwelling of Shiva the austere on the top of the hills and this temple was built by the Cholas. This antediluvian temple also has a dedication in the name of Sambhaji who was the son of Chhatrapati Shivaji.

The flora of the hills is distinctive of high hills. Besides Coffea Arabica, there are some more aboriginal species. Eucalyptus is grown inside the fort which is an exotic plant. The forest around the hills acts as a substratum for the condensation of clouds and this is the reason that most of the trees are covered with water in the mornings. Many species of birds and animals can also be seen in the hills.

Places to visit in Nandi Hills 
Yoga Nandeeshwara Temple: A temple of exquisite, intricate carvings, it also has a beautiful Kalyana Mantapa. 

Tippu Drop: During Tippus reign, criminals were pushed down from this point to their death as punishment. 

Tippus Summer Palace and Fort: During the Ganga period, the Chikkaballapur chieftains built a fort. Tippu strengthened it further and also build a rest house. This used to be Tippus summer bungalow.

Fort : The fort is on a sprawling area of 90 acres and is above 4851 feet above sea level. A soldier could hide in this well constructed fort and shoot in all four directions at the same time.

Amruth Sarovar : A beautiful water lake that brims with lucid water all the year round.

Gavi Veerabhadra Swamy Temple : on the way to the Sultanpet, from Tippus palace, natural formation of huge boulders has been transformed into a temple. 

Brahmashrama : A serene place for the spiritual minded, this ashram is built by huge natural boulders. 

Horse Way : A stone doorway in the fort on the North-eastern side, is believed to have been the horse way for helping soldiers to climb the wall on horse back.

Palar River Origin: Palar river takes its birth as a small spring on the eastern side of the hill.

Arkavathi River Origin: Arkavathi River takes its birth on the south-west of the hill.

Secret Passage : A secret passage on the west, is believed to have helped the Kings to escape during unforseen attacks.

Childrens Playground : The Horticulture department maintains a lovely garden for children to play games like the slides, merry-go-round, swings etc.

Muddena Halli: Muddena Halli, situated 21 kilometers from Nandi Hills, is the birthplace of Sir. M. Vishveswarayya. His ancestral home, where he was born, has been preserved for public viewing.

Idukki - The God’s Own District!!!

Idukki is district in Kerala, its is covered by thick green forest. High ranges and wooded valleys are girded by three main rivers - Periyar, Thalayar and Thodupuzhayar - and their tributaries. The River Pamba also has its origin here. As a tourist destination, Idukki is may your favourite tourist attractions for its Hill stations, Dams, Wildlife Sanctuaries, Elephant rides , Mountain Treks, Spice plantations, etc. 
Idukki is about 100 Kilometers away from Cochin and is very easy to reach. The bus service is flowing very frequently from Cochin and nearby cities, so it is very easy to reach.

Idukki Dam
Idukki Dam is world's second and Asia's first arch dam, The Idukki Dam, located in Kerala, India, is a 555 foot tall arch dam. The dam stands between the two mountains - Kuravanmala (839)m and Kurathimala (925)m. Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary is located close by. 

Andaman - Nicobar Islands: The Naturalist's Heaven!!!

The Andaman & Nicobar Islands are best tourist attarction and its a naturalist's heaven. It Situated in the Indian Ocean, in the southern part of the Bay of Bengal, the Union Territory of Andaman and Nicobar islands is sprawled over 770 sq km. Acclaimed as one of the finest tourist destination in India, The clean environment, roads, greenery as well as unpolluted fresh air attract all nature lovers. 

The Cellular Jail in Andaman is very famous in British era in India, and now it is a National Memorial tourist place and located at Port Blair. This jail has witnessed the tortures met by the freedom fighters who were imprisoned here. Being built up in 1906 the jail derived the name cellular as the cells were made individually for the prisoners private imprisonment. 

Tourist attractions in Andaman                               Tourist Places in Nicobar

Manchana Bele Dam - A Weekend Tourist Destination near Bangalore

The Manchanabele Dam is further down another 9 kms from another tourist place Big Banyan Tree. The dam is built in the catchment area where the rivers Arkavathy and Kumudvathy meet for irrigation and drinking water in the village of Manchanabele. This tourist spot is all surrounded by rocky hills. You can have a leisurely walk on the cris-cross country road. You can have a dip in the waters also, which seems tempting. This is a very good travel destination, and one of the best tourist place near bangalore  for family picnic, friends outing or couples. One can go do various activities here – starting from bird watching, hiking, rock climbing, boating, photography or spend time in leisure. The sun set is awesome there. 

How To Reach 

Take the right turn near Rajarajeshwari Dental College on Bangalore - Mysore road. On the way you will find ISRO’s Moon Misson Control room at Byalalu village. After ISRO’s ISRO Telemetry Tracking and Command (ISTRAC) centre. After the centre, the road is not good for few miles. After few miles, you can reach Manchanabele Dam.

Thrilling and Amazing Thailand

Thailand is undoubtedly one of the best tourist destination in Southeast Asia that attracts millions of tourists throughout the year. With all the interesting historically rich tourist places, magnificent temples and shrines and sun-soaked beaches, spending an airfare to Thailand will never be a waste of hard-earned money. Here are the top ten tourist places in Thailand showcasing the best things of the country.
Thailand offers fun and exciting activities to its tourists. Shopping is one of the things that Bangkok is known for. The energetic and busy streets of this metropolis are shopping haven for those who are keen to find branded goods at an affordable price.  

Experience what trading was like in Thailand during the olden times as you visit the floating market at the Damneon Saduak Canal. Vendors and their produce are in a narrow boat and need to be hailed down if you want to buy something from them. Tourist will also find it entertaining to see the vineyards, orchards and other local businesses which are great to view by canal boat en route to the market.
Tranquility and relaxed atmosphere are two of the several reasons why tourists love to visit Chiang Mai. It is the best tourist spot to go if you would like to experience the famous Thai massage. This part of Thailand is also dotted with temples, craft shops and plenty of Thai restaurants which serve mouth-watering Thai dishes. Since Chiang Mai is located in the mountainous region, it is also a popular tourist place for mountain trekking. The small town of Pai is often visited by backpackers because of its less crowded and more “rustic” treks leading to the hill tribes.

Tourists will definitely enjoy the visit to the another tourist place San Kamphaeng Hot Spring located just 36 kilometers from the city of Chiang Mai. It is situated amid the natural surroundings of shady trees and fertile hills making it an ideal place for picnics and camping. A swimming pool, dining facilities and segregated mineral water bathing rooms are also present in the area. The high sulfur content of the Kamphaeng Hot Spring is ideal for health and physical well being as it possesses curative and restorative properties.

Thailand Tourist Destinations

OOTY- The Queen Of Hill Stations

Ooty, is also known as "Udhagamandalam" is abe best tourist place in south India. It’s been rightly titled as the as Queen of Hill Stations. Ooty, the headquarters of The Nilgiris district is one of the famous hill station tourist place in India. It is situated at an altitude of 2,240 meters above mean sea level. The word Nilgiris means Blue Mountains. It is a land of picturesque picnic spots and had been a popular summer and weekend getaway for the British during the colonial days. There are plenty of interesting tourist places like Botanical Gardens, Lakes, Boat houses, water falls, shooting spots, Wildlife Sanctuary, Tea estates and many more.

Awesome Journey in Train to reach Ooty

The Queen of Hills is connected to the Chennai City (Capital of Tamilnadu state) by a train at night hours. The train called as Nilgiris Express or Blue Mountain Express which leaves from Chennai at night, and reaches Mettupalayam a small town at the foothills of the Nilgiris early the next morning around 6.30am. The train The Nilgiri Mountain Railway (Toy Train) leaves Mettupalayam at7.10am. The train is very smaller one and can only accommodate few passengers. A through ticket from Chennai to Ooty will ensure a place in the smaller train, although many prefer the faster route of taking a cab or a bus from Mettupalayam.
The steam train takes a very scenic route, and the pace of travel will let you take in the beautiful scenery at leisure with stops at stations for the engine to take on water (the journey takes about 5.1/2 hours compared to 2 hours by road). The train often travels only at 5 - 10 Kmph, allowing some adventurous passengers to disembark from the train and walk along the train.

Mettupalayam can prove to be a bottle-neck during the peak season of April-June with cabs charging exorbitant rates. The train is often quite regular in this part of the country, and is by far the most comfortable way to get here. There are other trains from Chennai to Coimbatore also.

Top Ten Tourist Attractions in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is blessed with popular tourist attractions and sightseeing opportunities throughout the territory. You'll find endless things to see and do on Hong Kong Island and in Kowloon and the New Territories. Or take a ferry and explore the Outlying Islands. Choose any location listed and you won't be disappointed.
Here we are explored some of the tourist attractions of Hong Kong.                               
Victoria Peak 

Victoria Peak is a mountain in Hong Kong which is located in the western half of Hong Kong Island. With an altitude of 552 m, it is the highest mountain on the island proper, but not in the entirety of Hong Kong, an honour which belongs to Tai Mo Shan.

The actual summit of Victoria Peak is occupied by a radio telecommunications facility and is closed to the public. However, the surrounding area of public parks and high-value residential land is the area that is normally meant by the name The Peak. It is a major tourist attraction which offers views over central Hong Kong, Victoria Harbour, and the surrounding islands.
Entrance Fee: HKD 45 (one-way ticket for the Peak Tram); HKD 56 (round ticket for the Peak Tram)
Opening Hours: 07:00-24:00
How to reach there: take Buses No. 1 or 15 to reach there.

Repulse Bay
Repulse Bay is an another tourist attarction in the southern part of Hong Kong Island, located in the Southern District, Hong Kong. Among all the Hong Kong beaches, Repulse Bay is most famous.

The Repulse Bay” is a residential apartment nowadays, and it was built on a former hotel site. “The Repulse Bay Centre” in front of it is a very elegant, beautiful European building built during the colonial era. Expected to be completed this year, 129 Repulse Bay looks like an opening white lily. According to some news articles, 129 Repulse Bay was originally built as residential apartment.

Entrance Fee: free
Opening Hours: the whole day
How to get there: There are shuttle buses with air-conditionings between the city center and Repulse Bay.

Mongkok Shopping Area
Mong Kok is a tourist attraction area in the Yau Tsim Mong District of Kowloon Peninsula, Hong Kong, China. Mong Kok in Chinese means a flourishing and busy corner.

Mong Kok is divided by Nathan Road into two areas-the residential area and shopping area. Shopping malls are in east of Nathan Road; and dwellers, shops, stores, restaurants are mainly found west of Nathan Road. Ladies Street also named Tung Choi Street is an open air bazaar. Mongkok Street is famous for birds selling. There is a large market for selling bird of all sorts.

Entrance Fee: free
Opening Hours: the whole day
How to get there: Mongkok is very accessible, and the easiest would be by MTR. Take MTR East Rail Line and get off at Mong Kok East Station.

Tourist Place in Hong Kong

Karnataka West Coast Travelogue

The West Coast of Karnataka is having lots of tourist places. My friend had a pelasant trip on his Civic and written this travelogue in Team-BHP.com

Karnataka West Coast Travelogue

And we are planning a trip in next month, its starting from Bangalore, and it will includes - Bangalore Shimoga – Jog Falls – Yana- Gokarna – Murdeshwar – Kollur – Agumbe – Shringeri – Horanadu – Dharmasthala – Belur- Halebeedu- Shravana Belagola – Bangalore. We will write the detailed travelogue about that trip in our future posts.

Top Ten Must Visit Beaches in Goa

Goa – A beautiful seashore

Goa is a State of India and located on the western coast of India, Goa is well known for its best sun kissed beaches, churches and temples. You can find beaches everywhere in Goa, whether its North Goa or South Goa. The further you go, the more isolated beaches you get. If you want to enjoy the crowded parties then Baga and Anjuna Beach are the best suited for you. The Beaches Restaurant in Goa offers you shacks for sun bath and are specialized in sea food. Apart from this you can enjoy trance parties, and other big events like Sunburn, Goa carnival etc. Because of these happening parties, water sports and Music carnivals, Goa has got the power to attract vacationers from all over the world. The year 2011 was great year for the Goa Tourism, as the foreign travelers visiting India had Goa on their hit list . The budget hotels and luxury resort in this state have been awarded a number of times.

Famous for Beaches

The combination of beaches and magnificent monuments makes this state a great destination for a perfect holiday in India.Anjuna, Calangute, Baga, Calangute, Dona Paula, Miramar,Bogmalo, Colva, Benaulim etc. are just some of the famous beaches of the state.Goa has always been a tourist hub in India for the Foreign travelers since 1970’s because of stunning beaches, peaceful environment. During Hippie Era i.e 1969 Goa was full of Hippies and they find this place so good, that they never felt like leaving this place, that’s how Goa can mesmerize people.

If you planning to visit goa, don’t miss to visit all these beaches in goa.

Candolim beach

Situated in the north region of Goa, it is therefore becomes the first beach that can be accessed from the capital city Panaji. Candolim-best beach in Goa that attracts peace lovers towards itself as it is untouched by the crowd that comes to Goa. Though not many facilities are available on the beach but it is the perfect place to meditate. Do hire a beach umbrella as it will help you to have a comfortable stay. Also to satisfy the needs of the taste buds, try out the delicious food available in the beach shacks. Besides fishing adventure lovers should try the Water Sports-like, Parasailing and Water skiing.

Palolem Beach

Sobriquet as the paradise beach, it is the most stunning coastline in the whole area is among the Goa’s best beaches. The easy hut accommodation facility has prettified the beach. Here you get a chance to try your hands on some exciting water activities like boat cruises, diving and bike tours. The restaurants offer amazing wine and local attraction fenny along with scrumptious cuisines.

The famous resorts of the area like- Brendon Resort, Alessandra resort are the luxurious options to go ahead with however the easiest accommodation is the beach hut which is your chance to live life like a Goan.

Must visit temples near Dharmasthala

Lakhs together pilgrims visiting Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala every year. The are many ancient temples are hidden in the villages near Dharmasthala. But the visitors of the Dharmasthala are not have enough details of these temples. here we listed some of the temples near dharmasthala. 

1) Sri Sadashiva Rudra Temple: 
This temple located in Suriya Village,near Dharmastala is one among them. Manly dedicated to Lord Shiva, the temple has got a unique tradition of offering clay sculptures to God. Generally people offer money or gold to God when their wishes are fulfilled as a symbol of gratitude, but in this temple people make clay offerings to the God.The Suriya temple is probably only one of its kind because of its unique tradition of clay offerings. 

Devotees pray god for their wishes/desires.Once it is fulfilled the devotees along with their clay offerings have to go to the temple preferably on Mondays along with a coconut and a kg of rice.The offerings are available in temple premises which are clay sculptures of your requests.For example chair and table symbolizes job, marriage means small sculptures of bride and groom, human body parts like ear,eyes,heart etc. You can also see children, cradles, limbs, houses, automobiles, coconuts, cattle,eggs, computer,watch,aeroplane etc.., this list is probably endless.

Here is a small tank near by the temple.All the clay offerings are made in a separate place called Mannina Harake Bana ( Clay Offerings Place) which is close to temple.You can see a huge collection of clay sculptures there. ts believed that temple is around 700 years old.But no one in the temple knows the importance behind this clay offerings.
Clay is within the tradition of India.We make ganesha idol,durga mata idol(usually in West Bengal) and many more using clay.So clay must be pure and good compared to anything and I believe god likes to get clay offerings.
How to Reach :
Suriya is around 12km from Dharmastala,which has good connectivity from all parts of Karnataka.You can hire a jeep or auto from Dharmastala to get in to the place.
Temple timings : 7 30AM to 2PM and 4PM to 6.30PM.
Address of the temple :
Administrator. Sri Sadashiva Rudra Temple
Surya, Nada Grama, Permanu. Beltanagday Tq, DK-574214. 
2) Shishileshwara Temple, Shishila

The Shishileshwara temple is situated on the banks of Kapila River in Shishila village of Belthangady Taluk, Dakshina Kannada district.

The history of Shishileshwara temple dates back to 700 years. This place is also referred as Matsya Theertha. The Mahashir (in Tulu 'Peruvelu') fish is found in huge numbers in the Kapila river.

The fish in the Kapila River at Shishila are believed to be sacred and Naivedyam is offered to them after offering daily pujas. It is also believed that one can get rid of all types of skin disease after worshipping at Shishileshwara temple and feeding the fish in Kapila River.

The other attractions of this place are two rocks, 'Huli Kallu' (rock named after tiger), and 'Dana Kallu' (rock named after cow). It is believed that, a tiger and a cow reached the river and tiger chased the cow. To avoid violence, Shishileshwara converted tiger and cow into rocks. These rocks are also worshipped during the annual festival.

The annual festival at Shishila is held at the end of May and celebrated for 9 days with unique feature in each day.

Note: Fishing is restricted in Kapila River in and around 2 kilometers from Shishileshwara temple.

Distance from Shishila
Mangalore: 110 km
Dharmasthala: 30 km
Belthangadi: 45 km
Kokkada: 15 km

How to Reach
From Beltangady one has to travel via Uppinangady (which is located at National Highway 48) and Kokkada. One has to cross the river to reach Shishila.

Few Buses also ply to Shishila from Uppinangadi and Dharmasthala.

3) Sowthadka Mahaganapathi Temple

This temple is just 20km away  Dharmasthala,. It is unique in the sense that it has no temple structure. 

Pooja Timings : 7:15 am, 12:15 pm, 7:15 pm

Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta - A Awesome Place...

Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta, is a hill (betta in Kannada) located near Gundlupet, Mysore, in the Chamarajanagar district. At a height of 1450m sea level, and is extensively has thick forest It is also the highest peak in the Bandipur National Park. It lies in the core area of the Bandipur National Park and is frequented by wild life including elephants. Dense fog predominates and covers the hills round the year and thus gets the prefix Himavad(in the native language of Kannada) and the temple of Venugopalaswamy (Lord Krishna) gives the full name ofHimavad Gopalaswamy Betta. It is approximately 220 km from Bangalore and 75 km from Mysore on the Mysore Ooty road -10 km away from Gundlupet,which is 60 km away from Mysore. 
View of top of the hill
There is a motorable road all the way to the top of the hill. Entry fee is collected at the forest department checkpost at foot of the hill. Entry fee has been revised wef Feb 01 2011. Entry fee is flat 100 Rs. You have to report back at the entrance after 1 hour. Visitors are allowed from around 8:30am till 5pm. Overnight stay on top is not allowed. Trekking and videography in the surrounding hills are allowed only with prior permission and to be accompanied by the forest department guides. There is a forest department guest house at the top of the picturesque hill, which can be reserved in advance through the forest office in Mysore or Bandipur. The guest house provides basic accommodation, food and other ...