Vaishno Devi Temple - Must Visit Tourist Place in Northern India

Mata Vaishno Devi is known as the mother who fulfills all wishes and one of the must visit tourist place in North India. The steep 12 kilometer (7.4 miles) trek from the base camp at Katra to the cave temple in the mountains is also one of the hardest tests of devotion. Yet, thousands of disciples - both young and old, undertake this trip every year braving the severe cold or even the persistent monsoon rains.
The pilgrimage to Vaishno Devi begins at Katra. Visitors arrive via train, bus or private taxes at Katra and proceed to the Yatra Registration Counter (YRC). Registration slip in hand, you can begin the trek up to the first check post at Bhanganga. Past the first check post, your next stop is the Bhawan, near the top of Trikoot hill. Once there, make your way to the counter and obtain a Group Number. The time between getting a group number and actually gaining entry will depend on the rush at the time. By issuing group numbers, the Shrine Board is able to regulate the number of visitors, especially during peak summer months and Navratras.

The temple of Mata Vaishno Devi itself enshrines the four pillars of Hindu belief: Dham, Arth, Kaam, and Moksh. The many points that mark the journey to the main temple - Katra, Bhanganga, and Trikoot Hiil, mark the spots where the Mother Goddess herself stopped and prayed.

Vaishno Devi is a spiritual experience. You can experience up close the faith and belief of others - old, handicap, and often in pain, who trek up the mountain for Mata’s darshan, crying Jai Mata Di and motivating each other to walk just a little more.

Unlike other temples, Mata Vaishno Devi’s shrine does not contain any idols or pictures. It is a natural formation of rocks that is shaped like a base and has three heads at the top. These three heads are called ‘Holy Pindis’ and are worshipped as the revelation of Mata Vaishno Devi. This representation of the goddess is immersed in water.

Each of these Holy Pindis is unique, yet together the three exemplify the harmony of goddess, nature and disciple. Each Pindi is distinct in color and texture, but together the three radiate positive energy and hope. The black pindi represents Maha Kali, the goddess of dissolution. Next to her, is the yellow pindi of Mata Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, prosperity and yellow gold. The last, white pindi is of Mata Saraswati, goddess of creation.

You have to dress conservatively while visiting the shrine. Women will also be required to cover their heads with a dupatta (traditional headscarf).

How to reach :

The base is Katra, which is 3 hours from Jammu town. Jammu is well connected with the rest of the country by train and flight. Night buses from North India, especially from Delhi ply regularly as do tourist buses. It is quite some distance from Delhi, and the traffic can get chaotic in katra, so it can be a pain for those who would wish to drive up. The trip wouldn't be complete if one does not check out Patnitop or Jammu as well. Lastly, time your ascent. Lucky ones may get the 2 hour aarti, while others may get stuck waiting for it to finish - and it does snow there at times in winter.

Bangalore Mangalore Train Travel - The Green Route

Good News For Train Travellers of Bangalore to Mangalore!!!!
Another New Weekly Express Train announced in 2012-2013 Budget!!! 

The Bangalore Mangalore Train Travel is really feels like heaven on earth!!! The Train passes through some of the most picturesque hills of the western ghats. The western ghats have some the most beautiful tourist places inside of its deep thick forests and it is a beautiful tourist place near Bangalore. The train pulls up through these ghats chug-chugging along the bridges (more than 100 bridges!!!) and tunnels (more than 50 tunnes!!!). The whole stretch of the railway line passes through a number of such bridges and tunnels. Walking on these bridges is supposed to be the most thrilling part of this trek. You are high up in the hills, walking on the bridge, with ground at more than a 100 ft below your feet. You have nothing to hold on to, and one wrong step could leave you hurling down to the valley below. You have to be really careful and alert. And the tunnels are another story. If the train comes through when you are walking inside a tunnel, all you can do is wedge yourself in the small 4 ft space in between the speeding train and the tunnel wall, as the train brushes past your face. It is a shaky experience.

The Railway track between Donigal near Sakleshpur and Subramanya Road, near Kukke Subrahmanya, popularly known  as ‘The Green Route’ because of its nature’s beauty. This stretch of the track with length about 52kms. It is a trekker paradise and best tourist place. The best season to trek is October to march.
Sakleshpur is around 220kms from Bangalore and Donigal is 7kms further up in NH48. The railway track connects Hassan to Mangalore and passes through the western ghats past Sakleshpur. It runs around NH48 near Donigal, but gradually moves to the south of highway. The track passes through the stations Yedakumeri and Shiribagilu and then crosses the Subramanya road, which connects Subramanya with the NH48 at Gundya.

Water Spots on Green Route

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100 Must Visit Tourist Attractions Around the World

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The Taj Mahal 
Country : India, Location : Agra, south-west of Delhi

Hindu fervour at the banks of the Ganges at Varanasi
Country : India, Location : Varanasi
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Matheran - Must Visit Favorite Hillstation and Tourist Place in Maharashtra

Matheran is one of the most favorite hill station and Mus Visit tourist place in Maharashtra. Matheran means forest on the top.  Matheran truely is Maharashtra's one of the most beautiful and well maintained hill station. It is situated at 803 meters above sea level. It’s Proximity to Mumbai and easy accessibility has made it more popular tourist attaraction in maharashtra. Being a Hill resort when you reach Matheran you will feel as if you have come very close to the nature. There are nearly 35 to 38 Matheran tourist spots you can visit. 

Charlotte Lake 

Only 1 km from the market place also known as Sharlott Lake is a serene scenic spot in Matheran. An ancient temple Pisarnath temple is located at the right of the lake and two beautiful picnic spots Louisa point and Echo point from which you can catch a sight of the wild and wonderful landscape and the reddish brown Sahyadri ranges are placed at the left of the lake. The lake location is rich in panoramic sceneries and lusting greeneries. This popular tourist destination is splendid during Monsoon and mostly gets dried up in summer. One can watch some domestic bird fauna flying over the lake adding the picturesque beauty of the lake. Feel the crisp cool air teasing your face as you survey the beautiful landscape around you. The hill resort gets its drinking water supply from the lake which is a beauty to behold especially during the monsoon months, with its swirling coffee brown waters. Food stalls serve up local delicacies and the lakefront is ideal for picnicking.

Panorama point (Sunrise Point) 
Although quiet far from Bazarpeth it gives you a panoramic view of the Sahyadri ranges, that’s why it's named as Panorama point. As the name suggests, this can be called as “king” of the points. Situated at Matheran end, it has valleys on east and west side. On eastern side, one can see Neral down below while one can have a glimpse of Panvel and Gadeshwer Lake from west. Sunrise can also be seen from this point. The mountain “Prabalged” is just in front of this point.

Porcupine Point (Sunset Point) 
Porcupine Point is an attractive view point in Matheran hills. The name is originated from the bird Porcupine as this place has the shape resembling that of Porcupine bird. A nearby majestic attraction is Cathedral rocks located on the western side from Porcupine point to Louisa point.

This spot offers the ideal view of sunset and also gives the majestic view of distant Prabalgad fort. The location is blessed with scenic surrounding and densely populated thick forests. The calm and cool atmosphere gives the travelers a pleasant feeling.

Louisa Point 
Louisa Point in Matheran is a charming hillock located on a plateau and offers breathtaking views of Vishalgad Fort and Prabal Fort. The natural beauty of this place is simply unsurpassed and is one of the most famous lookouts in Matheran. This is a marvelous place to relax, away from the rush and din of the plains in peace and tranquility. This point was the most chosen one when India was under the subjugation of the British and the British high officials used to spend their vacations, when the plains were terribly scorching. Located beautifully in the lap of the Western Ghats, Louisa point offers panoramic views of sunset. A languid stroll at this point would simply wipe away all your stress and leave you completely rejuvenated. The waterfalls at this point are simply eye-catching and can be witnessed after the monsoons in the months of September and October. It is one of the most beautiful points and is frequented all the year by the lovers of nature and globe trotters as well. This point is an inevitable stopover in your tour itinerary. There is a hillock which is known as Lion's Head. It is an idyllic spot for picnic and thus attracts a large number of tourists from the various parts of India and the world.

Echo point
It is about 2 km from the Post Office. On the right one can experience Echoes reverberating in a low tone from this place. During September-October good view of waterfall can be seen, to the delight of your eyes. Echo of our screams and yells can be heard from here. A view of Louisa Point is taken from this point. 

Matheran Toy Train
The toy train crawls its way, in a zigzag manner, 20 kilometers (12 miles) up the hill from Neral to Matheran. Due to the steep slope, it takes over two hours to cover the distance. Gradually the scenery changes from grassy slopes to shady, tree covered hills. Food vendors selling a range of snacks and cold drinks jump on and off the train along the way -- usually while it's moving, which is an indication of just how slow it travels! The train stops at a couple of quaint stations, where refreshments can be purchased as well. It also passes through one short tunnel, interestingly named "One Kiss Tunnel".

Matheran Toy Train Services
Four identical miniature sized toy trains run along the route. The trains are small, with a capacity of around 100 people. If you feel like having a relaxing and relatively comfortable journey, book a seat in first class, where you'll get a padded seat in a cozy compartment.

Timings of Toy Train Matheran
The toy train departs from Neral in the mornings at 9.00 a.m and 10.30 a.m. There's also an afternoon departure at 5 p.m.

Coming back to Neral, the train leaves Matheran at 7 a.m., 1.50 p.m. and 4.30 pm.

However, the timetable changes frequently so it's best to check it at an Indian Railways computerized reservation counter or Indian Railways website. In addition, during the monsoon season (from June to September), the toy train runs much less frequently. Depending on the weather, the service is reduced to only one departure a day and sometimes doesn't run at all.

One Tree point
For Many years, there was only one tree at this point & hence the name. This was the point from where mallet first came to Matheran in 1850. One Tree Point or One tree hill is a unique hill spot with a single Jambhul tree perched at the top. The walk through the road known as Shivaji’s ladder, going down from the hill to the plain is really a great experience.

Garbert point
Garbert point is a secluded and not much visited point. At this point valley on one side and dense forest on the other side, one can see beautiful sun rise from this points.

Alexander Point 
Like many other points of Matheran, the Alexander Point is located at the hill cliff and offers scenic views of surrounding places. Best views of Bhivpuri Power House Towers are seen from Alexander Point. Other spotted attractions from this point are Rambagh Point, Garbut Point and Chowk Point. The steep valley below Alexander cliff, Ulhas River, Palasdri Lake and Borgaon Village are seen from here and greatly add to the charm of Alexander point.

Hart Point
One amongst many picturesque points in Matheran is the Hart Point. Located in Northwest of the hill station, the point is known for its serene nature and lush greenery. The point provides views of Western Ghats and Mumbai city from a far off distance. Tourists spend recreational periods and resort to meditation at Hart Point. Hart point surrounded by dense green woods, offer a cool, calm and unspoiled spot for taking meditation and relaxation techniques. Thousands of tourists visit this location to enjoy the great offers of Nature.

Kalavantin Durg 
Kalavantin Durg is adjacent to Prabalgad fort. It is located on a hill top at a height of 2300 ft On the Mumbai Pune express highway one can take the Shedung exit. Shedung is the base village of Prabal and Kalavantin forts. The trek is a three hours climb from here. You need to trek up the machi and from the village on machi there are rock cut steps which lead us to the top of the fort.

Mount Berry
Mount Berry is a popular tourist destination that is located 5 km from Matheran. It offers a bird’s eye view of Neral. The major attraction is the slow train that chugs up the hill in the midst of pristine natural beauty. Matheran peak is visible from here. 

Olympia Race Course 
Olympia Race Course is one of the great attractions for the Horse Riding Events in Matheran. You can experience thrilling action of best horse riders during the summer vacations. Participation of professional horse riders from Mumbai and Pune make these events electrifying. 

King George point 
A must visit point in monsoon as it offers a beautiful view of the waterfall formed by the water overflowing from Chharlott Lake. One can even reach the mouth of the waterfall with care. Strong wind prevents the water from falling down and throws it back.  During the monsoons, water from the nearby Charlotte Lake overflows and forms various waterfalls around the place. This is the point that magnificently captures these waterfalls and hence is a popular point during the season of showers.

How to Reach Matheran

Matheran, located at a distance of 100 km from Mumbai, is one of the tiniest hill stations in India. With its pleasant climate, sylvan green forests, majestic mountains and its close proximity to the nearby cities of Mumbai and Pune, it is one of the most preferred holiday resorts for people willing to escape the city blues. Most of the people from these nearby metropolises delve into its enchanting bosom, especially during the weekends, to experience its laid back pace and old world charm. You can travel to the place either by air, road or rail. Here are some of the easiest ways of reaching Matheran, the little ‘Eden on Earth’.

By Air
The nearest airport is in Mumbai (Bombay), located at a distance of 100 km from Matheran. Passengers willing to travel to Matheran can board a bus, taxi or private car from the airport for getting to the place.

By Train
Various Express and local trains are available from the nearby cities of Mumbai and Pune that travels till Neral. From Neral, passengers can board the mini-train (toy-train) that ascends towards Matheran, traveling a distance of 21 km in 2hrs.

By Road
It is the most convenient and quickest way of reaching Matheran. A 24 hr taxi service operates between Neral and Matheran, and it takes only twenty minutes from Neral to reach Matheran by road.

Some people also cover the distance between Neral and Matheran on foot. The trip though arduous, can be quite exhilarating, as hikers mount the steep hills enjoying the scenic beauty stretched all around.

Must Visit Shiva Temple in South India - Sri Kshethra Dharmasthala

Dharmasthala is a must visit famous Shiva temple in Dakshina Kannada District of Karnataka and it is a must visit popular tourist place in South India. Dharmasthala is the perfect embodiment of the word "Dharma" for it displays every shade of meaning with which the word is imbued. The greatness of Dharmasthala, however is the fact that it has added an active element to "Dharma", such that it touches the lives of people with a transformational directness that is unique. and one of the popular tourist place near Mangalore.

To those that come for worship, Dharmasthala represents religious tolerance wherein caste, 
creed and faith of pilgrims are no bars. For here, the Jain Theerthankara is worshipped on the same consecrated grounds as the native Daivas and Lord Manjunatha (Lord Shiva). The priests are Vaishnavite Brahmins and the guardian of the temple is Heggade, a Jain by faith. Altogether forming a confluence of faiths that harmonize in belief of the Omnipotent.

To those that come for justice, Dharmasthala is the scale that does not tip in favour of a lawyer's glib tongue. Here, without any legal formality or argument the Heggade dispenses justice, acting in the tradition of his ancestral role as the Heggade and representing the presiding deities.

To those that come in need, Dharmasthala is an Oasis, where succour, solace and hope abound in the serenity of the temple and in the free hostelries that provide food and shelter.

And to those that come in curiosity, Dharmasthala is a miracle of paradoxes. Here different faiths co-exist in harmony just as traditions make room for experimental services, High or low, rich or poor, devout or atheist, at Dharmasthala all are equal.

The temple is about 800 years. The temple houses a shiva linga of gold. It is belived that Shiva linga was brought by Lord Annappa fom a place called Kadri near Mangalore. The temple is unusual in that this Shaiva kshetra is headed by a Jain administration and poojas are conducted by Vaishnava priests.

Dharmasthala, a sacred place, as its name indicates, is a place of the Truth, Faith, Communal harmony and spiritual experience in the Holy Land. Here, everyone enjoyes the generous hospitality, irrespective of caste, creed or class whatsoever. Dharmasthala pilgrim center located on the banks of river Nethravathi in Beltangady Taluk of Dakshina Kannada (South Canara) District.

Dharmasthala is popular for temple of Sri Manjunatha, God Shiva’s another avatar, Hence, The Maha Shivaratri is celebrated grandly in temple premises. So we have arranged a trip to Dharmasthala from Bangalore.

First, we booked seats in KSRTC’s new venture ‘Karanataka Vaibhava’ Its as same as ‘Rajahamsa’ (KSRTC’s Delux Bus Service) and the fare is very cheaper than the Rajahamsa. Bus fare is little more than KSRTC’s ordinary service ‘Karnataka Sarige’ (Karnataka Sarige – Rs. 220/-, Karanataka Vaibhava – Rs. 237/-).

We started at Sunday night from Bangalore and reached Dharmasthala at 5.00 a.m. on the day of Shivarathri. Once we reached there, we tried to book a room, but since there is very crowd, we did’nt get the room, so we taken ticket for ‘Hairike Mudi’ and went for queue. Its amazing!!! There a queue stands more than a kilometer for harike mudi at the time of 6.00 a.m. we also included in that queue. after seven hours of waiting, we reached the harike mudi place ( Note : On the eve of Shivaratri, there are more than one lakh pilgrims visited Dharmathala. On other days, you may finish within an hour).
Once we finished, we went to Nethravathi river to take bath, (2kms from temple) and came back to temple at 3.00 p.m. and the temple will open for darshan at 5.00 pm, so we went for lunch in Annapoorna Complex (Temple’s free annadana complex). and went to see gommateshwara statue.

We got Darshan at 7.30 p.m. and went again for dinner at 8.00p.m.

We have taken tickets for return to Bangalore in Karnataka Vaibhava bus, and reached Bangalore at 5.00 a.m. 
Overall, it’s a pleasant journey!!!!

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