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Savandurga - A Hill composed entirely of only one rock

Savandurga is a famous hill located near Bangalore, and is one of the best  tourist attraction near Bangalore. The general interest shown by tourists from all over the country is well justified, as Savandurga is one of the largest monolith hills in the entire world. This means that the Savandurga hill is composed entirely of only one rock, which spans a height of about 1226 meters. The monolithic structure is mainly made of basic dykes, granites, gneiss and laterites.

Savandurga is a serene location, given its calm surroundings and lush beauty. Yet another advantage is the hill’s proximity to the city of Bangalore, which makes it easily accessible. Savandurga has two minor hills, mainly Karigudda and Biligudda. In the local language, Karigudda means Black Hill and Biligudda means White Hill. These two hills comprise the collective hill of Savandurga.

Savandurga is oft visited by tourists because the region has a very famous temple too. This temple, called the Savandi Veerabhadreshwara Swamy temple, is located in the foothills of Savandurga. This temple and the Narasimha Swamy temple (also present in the foothills of Savandurga) are two major temples that tourists visiting Savandurga normally swarm to. Savandurga is also an ideal spot for trekking in South India.

Must Visit Best Beaches and Tourist Places in Goa

Goa is world renowned for its beaches and attracts innumerable domestic and foreign tourists every year. The perfect holiday in Goa for many tourists is to laze under the sun on the picturesque and romantic beaches of Goa. When you picture Goa the first thing that comes to your mind is pristine scenic beauty of the s tate that nature God has blessed on it. But yes, there's much more to Goa than it's beaches. The tiny emarald land can boast of its unique history and culture. The culture here shows the confluence of the east and the west. The state is home to both beautiful temples and magnificent churches. The state's history dates back to 3rd century BC.

Various dynasties such as Kadambas, Silaharas, Rashtrakutas, Chalukyas, Bahamani Muslims etc have ruled Goa. But the strongest influence was that of the Portuguese. The state of Goa was a Portuguese colony for 450 years till 1962. The Indo-Portuguese culture and architecture here speak for the Portuguese influence on the state. Tourists can get a glimpse of the glorious history preserved in churches, forts, villages and cities.

Bangalore to Goa  Trip by Abhijit Roy on Team-BHP

This was the trip which was long due but just couldn’t materialize due to many constraints. Swarup (friend & neighbour, my ex-ITC colleague) also joined in this venture. Nikhil and Eslyn was also due to join us but was forced to back out due to illness and leave issues respectively. First Swarup booked the ITC Holiday Home in Dona Paula (luckily we got vacancy) and it was upto me to decide and plan the rest. I started my research on the route and based on discussions with Mr. Kumar and others in indiahighways group, felt that the Shimoga & Sirsi routes are the best so far out of the four available routes (other two Hubli-Ankola & NH4A were rejected). I didn’t want to take the Shimoga route as I have already done it before and hence zeroed it on the Haveri – Mirjan route. A day before bought all the snacks, a tankful at OMR, tyre pressure check etc.
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Nandi Hills – The Coolest Hill Station near Bangalore

Nandi Hills is a small hillocks near Bangalore. It is located 65 km from Bangalore, and 1,478 meters above the sea level. It was the summer resort of Tipu Sultan. This hill station is a famous tourist spot because it is blessed with pleasant climate throughout the year and one of the best tourist place near Bangalore.

There are many stories about the origin of the name Nandi Hills. During the Chola period, Nandi Hills was called Ananda Giri meaning The Hill of Happiness. and also known as Nandidurga, Before being conquered by the British forces under Lord Cornwallis, Nandi Hills was a Mysore Fort. It was captured by the British in the year 1791.

The hill has been named after the beautiful statue of Nandi, the bull. This bull guards the outside of the Yoganandeeshwara temple.

Yoganandeeshwara Temple is the dwelling of Shiva the austere on the top of the hills and this temple was built by the Cholas. This antediluvian temple also has a dedication in the name of Sambhaji who was the son of Chhatrapati Shivaji.

The flora of the hills is distinctive of high hills. Besides Coffea Arabica, there are some more aboriginal species. Eucalyptus is grown inside the fort which is an exotic plant. The forest around the hills acts as a substratum for the condensation of clouds and this is the reason that most of the trees are covered with water in the mornings. Many species of birds and animals can also be seen in the hills.

Places to visit in Nandi Hills 
Yoga Nandeeshwara Temple: A temple of exquisite, intricate carvings, it also has a beautiful Kalyana Mantapa. 

Tippu Drop: During Tippus reign, criminals were pushed down from this point to their death as punishment. 

Tippus Summer Palace and Fort: During the Ganga period, the Chikkaballapur chieftains built a fort. Tippu strengthened it further and also build a rest house. This used to be Tippus summer bungalow.

Fort : The fort is on a sprawling area of 90 acres and is above 4851 feet above sea level. A soldier could hide in this well constructed fort and shoot in all four directions at the same time.

Amruth Sarovar : A beautiful water lake that brims with lucid water all the year round.

Gavi Veerabhadra Swamy Temple : on the way to the Sultanpet, from Tippus palace, natural formation of huge boulders has been transformed into a temple. 

Brahmashrama : A serene place for the spiritual minded, this ashram is built by huge natural boulders. 

Horse Way : A stone doorway in the fort on the North-eastern side, is believed to have been the horse way for helping soldiers to climb the wall on horse back.

Palar River Origin: Palar river takes its birth as a small spring on the eastern side of the hill.

Arkavathi River Origin: Arkavathi River takes its birth on the south-west of the hill.

Secret Passage : A secret passage on the west, is believed to have helped the Kings to escape during unforseen attacks.

Childrens Playground : The Horticulture department maintains a lovely garden for children to play games like the slides, merry-go-round, swings etc.

Muddena Halli: Muddena Halli, situated 21 kilometers from Nandi Hills, is the birthplace of Sir. M. Vishveswarayya. His ancestral home, where he was born, has been preserved for public viewing.

Manchana Bele Dam - A Weekend Tourist Destination near Bangalore

The Manchanabele Dam is further down another 9 kms from another tourist place Big Banyan Tree. The dam is built in the catchment area where the rivers Arkavathy and Kumudvathy meet for irrigation and drinking water in the village of Manchanabele. This tourist spot is all surrounded by rocky hills. You can have a leisurely walk on the cris-cross country road. You can have a dip in the waters also, which seems tempting. This is a very good travel destination, and one of the best tourist place near bangalore  for family picnic, friends outing or couples. One can go do various activities here – starting from bird watching, hiking, rock climbing, boating, photography or spend time in leisure. The sun set is awesome there. 

How To Reach 

Take the right turn near Rajarajeshwari Dental College on Bangalore - Mysore road. On the way you will find ISRO’s Moon Misson Control room at Byalalu village. After ISRO’s ISRO Telemetry Tracking and Command (ISTRAC) centre. After the centre, the road is not good for few miles. After few miles, you can reach Manchanabele Dam.

400 years old Big Banyan Tree

Dodda Alada Mara or Big Banyan Tree is one of the nearest popular tourist destination and weekend destination near Bangalore. It is over 400 years old big Banyan tree covering around 3 acres of land. It has a well baricaded area with pavements, dustbins, seating arrangements, and security. It can be a good picnic spot, provided you bring food along with you and preferably a tent as there a lot of monkeys.
The tree itself is a awesome sight and please note that it is just one tree covering that entire area. Banyan trees become so big that many parts of the tree which are very far from the root do not receive enough water so that sprout off shoots as roots and let them reach the soil as another root to take water. This results in covering a huge area. This tree is said to be the largest tree in Karnataka and the second largest in India. Apart from the Big Banyan Tree, there is small temple dedicated to Lord Muneshwara (Lord Shiva). The Big Banyan Tree is maintained by Bank Of Maharashtra. Take a walk around the tree or sit some good amount of time in the shades of it. If you are keen on looker then go ahead and check the roots, take pictures in their various dimensions. 
How to Reach
After Kengeri take the right after Rajarajeshwari Dental College and Hospital. You will come across the railway crossing. Follow the raod which will lead to the place. Dodda Alada mara is 8 kms from the Rajrajeshwari Dental college on the Bangalore – Mysore Road and 3 km from Ramohalli village. BMTC bus no. 227 is also flown from K R Market. You can enjoy the greenery on the way and check the various flower nurseries and away from the maddenning rush of the city. 

Bangalore - The Capital City of Karnataka

History of Bangalore 
Once King Veeraballa of Vijayanagara lost his way in forest. He came upon a lone hut in the thick forest where he met an old woman. He is very Hungry and tired and he asked for food, The old woman gave him baked beans ('Benda Kalu' in Kannada Language). The King found this humble meal taste better than the richest fare. To commemorate this incident, he called the place "Benda Kalu Ooru" (place of baked beans). Now, Bangalore is also known as 'Garden City', 'Silicon Valley of India, and 'IT Hub of India'.

Kempe Gowda, known as the founder of Bangalore, played a very important in the shaping of the city. A feudal lord himself, he used to serve under the Vijayanagara Kings. A hunting enthusiast, Kempe Gowda once saw his dog being chased by a hare. Amused as well as impressed up this incident, he started calling Bangalore as 'Gandu bhoomi' (heroic place). He, with the help of King Achutaraya, built a mud fort in Bangalore and inside it founded the towns of Balepet, Cottonpet, and Chickpet. Later, his son got the four watchtowers erected on the boundaries of the city, visible even today.

After India gained independence in 1947, Bangalore became the capital of Karnataka. Now Bangalore is a fastest growing cosmopolitan city in Asian Continent. It is home to some of the most high tech industries in India. It is known as ‘Silicon Valley of India because of Bangalore is most popular for its IT Industry. Bangalore is also famous for some of India's premier scientific establishments. Bangalore is the ideal gateway to India and beyond for its salubrious climate, gardens and parks, natural lakes, architectural landmarks, shopping malls, business opportunities, and many more.

Bangalore Bus Station (Majestic)

Information Technology Park, Bangalore
Some of the Attractions in Bangalore

How To Reach

By Air
Bangalore International Airport is 40 km away from the heart of the city, Majestic. It costs about Rs 300 by auto rickshaw and Rs 600 by taxi. Pre paid taxi facilities are available in Airport. Bangalore airport is well connected to almost all airports in India. International flights to major foreign cities are also operated from Bangalore.
By Train
Bangalore Majestic, Bangalore Cantonment (8 km to Majestic) and Yeshwanthpur (10 km away from Majestic) are the three main stations in Bangalore. Bangalore Majestic is connected to all major cities in India.

Sight Seeing Places in Bangalore
Bangalore Palace                    Lakes in Bangalore                 Lalbagh Garden   
Temples in Bangalore             Parks in Bangalore                  Best Hotels in Bangalore

We are Starting from our State - Karnataka

Welcome to our state Karnataka. This is land that blessed with many fascinating worlds. You can Discover here most beautiful  world heritage sites, lush green forests,   amazing wildlife,  ageless monuments, spectacular waterfalls, romantic hill stations,  pristine beaches, timeless temples,  exhilarating adventure sports and vibrant art & culture. And, as you traverse through the length and breadth of Karnataka, be spellbound by every facet of this amazing land.

Come!!!  Embark upon a journey through Karnataka. And discover the best of all worlds.

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